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Our Story

Ever since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed animals especially dogs. I don't remember a time when I haven't had a dog by my side! My first dog was a beagle named Bear and I raised her from a little pup. I taught her all the basics and then moved on to all the fun tricks I could teach her. She made me fall even more in love with all things dogs! Everything from their loving companionship to adventures like hiking, swimming, trick and agility training, they have made my life complete!

It only made sense to follow my passion and start working at a doggie daycare. I worked diligently to become head manager and took a step above in dog care to excel as a groomer! I've spent the past 6 years learning everything I could to develop skills that will make dogs as happy and fulfilled as they make their humans!

 Now I am using my skills and passion to provide your pups with the physical and mental stimulation they need when you aren't able to! At Wilderness Wags our goal is for your dogs to receive the love and attention they deserve around your busy day!

Our Team

Our Team

My philosophy is to enrich every dog's life both mentally and physically for their busy humans that love them all so much!

Mykenzy Gagnon

Owner / Chief Pack Ranger


Eagle Scout


Life Scout


First Class




Cub Scout

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