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What to expect after applying?

After applying your application will be reviewed and we will reach out to schedule a meet and greet. At this time, we will "interview" your pup to see how they respond to commands and the environment such as the trails and vehicle rides. They will also get to meet some friendly test pups to see how they react to all kinds of dog stimuli.   

How are the troops managed?

Each pack will be arranged based of size, age, and temperament. This allows all the pups to have a fun time together and insure a great experience. All scouts are under the Pack Rangers control either through voice control or e-collar where permitted. 

Where do the troops go on their hikes?

They will get to explore the trails all around Windham and neighboring areas! In the off season we will adventure out towards the beaches so they can get a variety of walking environments!

How is home access done?

We will provide a lock box that goes over the handle of your door, so everything stays right with you! Our Pack Rangers will use the key to unlock the door and then return it right back to eliminate the risk of loss. If you have a door or garage code, we can use that too!

What happens if my dog is injured on the walk?

All Pack Rangers carry a first aid kit at all times, and they are pet first aid certified. If any injury occurs your Pack Ranger will notify you immediately. A minor injury will be treated on the trail, but should an injury require immediate vet attention the Pack Ranger will cut the hike short and bring your dog to the vet of your choice. 

Is this a year-round service?

Yes, it is! We will go out in all weather conditions. The only exception is weather that would put your pup and Pack Rangers at risk.

Will my dog come home muddy?

As your pup is running through the trails, they may get dirty and muddy especially in the spring and summer months. While each Pack Ranger does keep a mobile dog wash station on hand to clean your pup, they may still have some dirt on them when returning home. 

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